Recreational Saltwater Permits

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2014 Recreational Saltwater Fishing & Lobster Permits now available! 2013 Recreational Saltwater Fishing & Lobster Permits are no longer available on line. If you need to purchase a 2013 permit for use in the month of December, please contact one of our offices at the numbers listed below.
Available by phone Mon-Sun, 5am to 5pm.
*Please have credit card information ready.
**Note: MA Anglers only need the MA Recreational Saltwater Fishing Permit. Anglers are no longer required to register with the National Registry.
Gloucester: 978-282-0308 ext.
New Bedford: 508-990-2860 ext.
Paper Applications can be mailed in with a check (if applicable) or brought to one of our permitting facilities. Please note that our Gloucester and New Bedford offices only accept checks or money orders and are open from 9 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday. Our Boston office accepts checks, money orders, or cash (exact change only) and is open from 8:45 am to 4:45 pm, Monday through Friday.
A recreational saltwater fishing permit from a state that has a reciprocity agreement with Massachusetts.
The annual cost for both residents and non-residents is $10.
Fishermen who regardless of their age, otherwise meet the definition of a disabled person in M.G.L. c.
People 60 and older must obtain a permit but the permit is free for these individuals (although a small fee will be charged by the vendor to process the permit through the internet).
All recreational fishermen ages 16 to 59 must purchase an individual permit and those fishermen age 60 or over must obtain a free permit if not fishing aboard a permitted for-hire vessel on a charter or headboat trip. There is no permit available for a private fishing vessel or any type of family permit that covers multiple family members.
Yes, it does cover you as an individual angler provided that the for-hire permit is issued in your name. You must have the for-hire permit in your possession.
If you are finfishing exclusively in federal waters and possess an HMS permit, you do not need a MA permit as long as you do not land any fish in Massachusetts. If you retain fish and bring them back into MA state waters, or you fish in state waters, then you will need the MA permit.
No, the Federal permit no longer covers you to fish in Massachusetts waters. Your MA permit allows you to fish in MA and Federal waters as well as land your fish in Massachusetts. However, if you fish for tuna, billfish, swordfish, and/or sharks you will need a Highly Migratory Species permit from the Federal government.
Massachusetts permits expire each year on December 31. All permits must be renewed annually.
You may reprint your permit by going to MassFishHunt or you may call or visit one of our offices and ask for a replacement permit.
All permit fees are deposited in a dedicated account, managed by MarineFisheries. An advisory panel assists MarineFisheries in developing programs for the expenditure of all collected funds. In accordance with the state law governing the permit program, the permit fee revenues can only be used to administer the permit program, improve the management of Massachusetts's marine recreational fisheries, particularly with regard to developing more accurate assessments of recreational catch and effort, and enhance recreational fishing access opportunities in the state. The permit fee revenues cannot be used for any purpose that is unrelated to marine recreational fishing in Massachusetts. Please visit the Marine Recreational Fisheries Development Fund page for more information.
Yes, the permit simply enables you to fish legally, in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations. Recreational regulations can be found here .
The guide is available on our website by clicking here . If you would like a hard copy of the guide, please contact or stop by one of our offices .
No. Recreational shellfishing is allowed in designated clean areas and regulated by the individual cities and towns. Contact your town Department of Natural Resources for local regulations and permit acquisition.
The Massachusetts Saltwater Recreational Fishing Guide contains the recreational lobster and crabbing rules as well as other useful information.
Yes, but you must get a letter of authorization (LOA) from DMF to do so. Please contact Kerry Allard for an LOA or more information.
Gloucester: 978-282-0308 ext.
New Bedford: 508-990-2860 ext.© 2014 Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Mass.Gov® is a registered service mark of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
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